Breast reduction

The weight and size of the breasts can cause back pain and affect lumbar health, with breast reduction procedures we try to improve not only the aesthetic part, but also the part that works for our patients.

Breast reduction is aimed at women who have large breasts and want to solve problems such as:

- Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
- Chronic skin rash or irritation of the breasts
- Limitation of activities
- Self-esteem

Breast asymmetries in patients are common. In those cases, we perform breast reductions with lifting, sometimes with a prosthesis, another without implants, to try to find symmetries in both breasts.

The shape and size of the scar will be different in each patient, so a good physical evaluation is important. Good post-surgical care is essential in these cases to have a good scar, since the skin in these cases is generally much thinner due to the weight of the breasts. keep in search of your well-being, always respecting your time.