International Patients

It is our priority to make our patients feel close abroad when making the decision to have surgery. Therefore, we take care of coordinating the evaluation of the patient through the documentation of images, which are essential, so that Dr. Manelic Mejia studies in more detail the areas to be operated, conceiving a prior surgical plan, quote the themselves and confirm any doubts that may arise.

Next, we confirm the most common information that you should know before scheduling your surgery:

  • Flight ticket. Arrival in the country must be at least 2 days before your surgery if your flight is less than 5 hours. If your flight is 5 hours or more, you must arrive in the country at least 4 days before your surgery.
  • Medical Exams. The analytics or medical examinations indicated by Dr. Manelic Mejía must be performed in the Dominican Republic.
  • Minimum Stay Required. The minimum surgery time for post-operative stay in Santo Domingo is at least 15 days, at the request of the Ministry of Health.
  • Companion. You must designate a companion who is willing to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. If you do not have it, you can consult us about nursing service options with additional costs.
  • Massages Ultrasound massages, cures and supervision of the healing process must be performed in the Office.
  • Recovery Homes. If you need a recovery center, we can share with you the options we recommend and other details of prices, location, etc.