Buttock Fat Graft

It is one of the most performed procedures worldwide in this specialty. First, liposuction is performed and after a decantation process, we use the necessary fat to sculpt the entire gluteal region.

It is very important not to exceed the limits in this procedure to achieve more harmonious and symmetrical results. It is important to mention that we only place the fat graft in the subcutaneous region of the gluteus.

Gluteal Prosthesis

This procedure is performed by placing the implant inside the muscle in such a way that the implant is like a ?sandwich? inside this. With this we avoid the visibility of it in the patient. The patient will be able to walk the same day of surgery and the scar is practically invisible since it is placed in the gluteal fold.

In many cases, this surgery is combined with fat grafting on the hips to give better symmetry to the entire gluteal region.

It is extremely important to keep the wound clean throughout the healing process. Avoid sudden movements during the first 15-20 days.